Successful excursion to Europe within the project with Lake Bosomtwe

From 4 to 10 October, a group of professors and university staff as well as partners from around the Lake Bosomtwe Biosphere Reserve visited German and a Danish biosphere reserve. The trip was about how biosphere reserves in Europe cooperate with research and what can be transferred to the Lake Bosomtwe Biosphere Reserve. Besides the biosphere reserves Schaalsee, Elbe Lower Saxony and Schorfheide Chorin, the biosphere reserve Moen on the island of the same name in Denmark was also visited. The nine participants were grateful for the many impressions gained and were already planning the next steps for ‘their’ biosphere reserve during the trip.

Internationale Delegation mit Gästen der HNEE aus Ghana im Møn Biosphärenreservat, Dänemark, 2021
© Uli Gräbener, HNEE

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