Biosphere reserves are model regions and learning sites for the sustainable development of people with and as part of the environment. The global network of UNESCO biosphere reserves and the Man and the biosphere program offer great potential for implementing the idea of sustainability. Key idea of the strategic partnership is to implement a center of excellence for biosphere reserves. The Center pursues with ist activities the following goals:
Collect, organize, and actively promote knowledge and implementation of biosphere reserves;
Support the practical implementation of the MAB-program in an international context and initiate and stimulate innovative solutions concerning regional development and sustainable land use

  1. Increase the effectiveness and intensity of research for sustainability while simultaneously encouraging the transfer of knowledge between theory and practice; by strengthening, inter alia, the monitoring and documentation;
  2. Foster participation in and contribution to the development of biosphere reserves by all stakeholders;
  3. Promote a “culture of innovation for sustainability” in biosphere reserves;
  4. Train and educate people with regards to sustainable development;
  5. Promote the concept of biosphere reserves;
  6. Provide policy advice to foster the MAB-approach, nationally and internationally.

For more information, you can download the strategy-paper and the flyer of the!